Re-read Chasing the Light

Chasing the Light by Ibarionex Perello is a nice book on digital photography. It is easy and casual but detailed and encouraging, with excellent photos as illustration.
I have read the book once, but it turned out that I was not listening to the author then.

Some time ago I was shooting portrait in an indoor stadium. In some photos I could already see motion blur on camera LCD, but I did not take notice. After the event I found out that more than half of my photos were not sharp at all. Checking EXIF data I saw that shutter speed of some photo was as low as 1/15. For the focal length I was using, I should at least take 1/60 (2 stops faster).

As suggested by the author, the first blunder I made was that I was not aware of the light. The room is not well lit. But I still have the maximum ISO set to 800. Even with my lens at f/2.8, I still got too slow a shutter speed to freeze motion, let alone handling the camera shake. I should have popped ISO to 3200 (or have used flash). As said, a photo sharp with noise is much better than a photo noiseless but soft.

The second fault was that I was not checking my progress. Observable blur on the small camera LCD was the loud alarm that I missed. If I have noticed the slow shutter speed earlier, I could have fixed it for later shots.

Afterwards, a quick move I took was that I now set the maximum ISO to 3200. This should give camera more leverage to reach an acceptable exposure combination in auto mode or aperture priority mode. Of course now I will be constantly reminding myself to be aware of the light in next scenario. On the other hand, I could use a brighter prime lens like XF 56mm f/1.2 R (2-and-plus stops brighter than the f/2.8-4 kit lens) when I have the money…

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