XXE attack and mitigation

Recently I’ve got a security violation report from Sonar. It is the XXE attack. This is indeed a scary scenario, with attacker able to access server internal file with ease.

The simplest approach is to disable this feature.

XMLInputFactory xif = XMLInputFactory.newFactory();
xif.setProperty(XMLInputFactory.IS_SUPPORTING_EXTERNAL_ENTITIES, false);
xif.setProperty(XMLInputFactory.SUPPORT_DTD, false);
XMLStreamReader xsr = xif.createXMLStreamReader(source);

However in my case, I actually need the feature to take reference of the packed XMLs.

So one approach for mitigating the risk is to use a customized XMLResolver. Then in this XMLResolver, whitelist only the essential resource accesses (or better, do the resolution in memory, if possible).

XMLInputFactory xif = XMLInputFactory.newFactory();
XMLStreamReader xsr = xif.createXMLStreamReader(source);
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