Run multiple jobs in Flink local environment

Actually there is little reason to do this. Flink local environment is generally used to test and debug, not for scalable stream data processing.

But anyway, this is the way to run multiple jobs in the local environment.

First, start the mini-cluster (with some parameters).

Configuration configuration = new Configuration();
configuration.setLong(TaskManagerOptions.MANAGED_MEMORY_SIZE, -1L);
configuration.setInteger(ConfigConstants.LOCAL_NUMBER_TASK_MANAGER, 2);
configuration.setInteger(ConfigConstants.TASK_MANAGER_NUM_TASK_SLOTS, 10);

// start cluster
LocalFlinkMiniCluster exec = new LocalFlinkMiniCluster(configuration, true);

Then, create and add jobs to the mini-cluster.

StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.createLocalEnvironment();
DataStream stream = env.addSource(...);

StreamGraph streamGraph = env.getStreamGraph();
JobGraph jobGraph = streamGraph.getJobGraph();
exec.submitJobAndWait(jobGraph, true);

In last step, one can choose submitJobDetached instead.

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